Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike 3: Merckx

This is a bike I have spotted in the past with the thoughts of, 'what a sweet frame to make into a single speed.'  I was not able to track down the owner, but Ill presume it is a female, based on the frame size (small-ish)
Location: Monument Square
Bike: Eddy Merckx -Thomspon.
Comments: The red Velocity rims match the red of the frame nicely.  BRC carbon fork,  black Chris King headset up to Cenelli stem all mated to a shorty Easton handle bars is pretty sweet.  The gold anodized cranks were a bit of a clash as far as color scheme goes, but I'm sure they function just fine. The saddle was a well worn brown leather Brooks.

Overall a nice bike of portland.  If you own this bike please leave a comment.

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