Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bike 8: SE...twice

I took a picture today of this fair looking SE single speed.  It had a flip-flop hub and was respectfully on the fixed side.  The chain was slightly rusted and definitely needed some chain oil and a scrub down.  The bull horn bars are cool. The alexa rims, tektro breaks and levers are stock.   The track style rear drop outs are excellent. So, I got in and opened up the pics and realized that I had taken a pic of this bike only three months ago.

The seat is totally different, perhaps for comfort reasons. The sheath on the top tub pad is gone,sadly. A water bottle cage and fenders have been added. The glass jar filling in for a water bottle has GOT to be replaced.  Dude, if you hit a bump and that thing jumps all over the place; And it will probably be in a bike lane where another rider could flat from your glass; And you yourself could get cut from glass in a crash. 

The owner is pretty obviously a local commuter/rider and seems to be riding it hard and putting it away wet. 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bike 7: Torker U-District

Not much to say about this one, plus I dont have much time to write today.
I saw this single speed bike  locked up near Free Street. I have never heard of Torker. The Alex rims and matte black paint were the notables on this machine.  The front brake had been removed  and the cable wrapped around the bars.  It looks like a some what sketchy set up but may just be temporary until a repair can be made.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bike 6: Motobecane Mirage

Eric let me shoot a pic of his Motobecane Mirage, reconfigured into a single speed, in front of One City Center recently.  The bike had been his mothers but was much too big for her. The 52x16 chainring and cog looked big to me so I asked how he liked the set up.

'Well, its really good on flat roads and ones that have a slight decent.'

I bet it does.  Thanks Eric.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bike 5: Jamis

Location:  Exchange St. area, Tommy's Park

Bike: Jamis Earth Cruiser

Comments:  A chill, comfortable looking bike that is probably owned by a girl (note basket).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bike 4: Schwinn Suburan

Location: corner of Milk and Exchange Street

Bike:  stock, late 70's (~77) Schwinn Suburban

Comments:  A well used bike that just needs a good cleaning.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike 3: Merckx

This is a bike I have spotted in the past with the thoughts of, 'what a sweet frame to make into a single speed.'  I was not able to track down the owner, but Ill presume it is a female, based on the frame size (small-ish)
Location: Monument Square
Bike: Eddy Merckx -Thomspon.
Comments: The red Velocity rims match the red of the frame nicely.  BRC carbon fork,  black Chris King headset up to Cenelli stem all mated to a shorty Easton handle bars is pretty sweet.  The gold anodized cranks were a bit of a clash as far as color scheme goes, but I'm sure they function just fine. The saddle was a well worn brown leather Brooks.

Overall a nice bike of portland.  If you own this bike please leave a comment.

Bike 2: Winsdor

Adam went zinging past me on his fixed gear bike this afternoon.  The orange Velocity rims caught my eye right away.  Luckily for me he stopped in front of the Nick and I was able to catch up with him for a photo op.

Location: Temple Street. In front of the Nickelodeon.

Bike:  The frame is by Winsdor.  Rims are Velocity, which Adam laced up to a high flange hub up front. I didnt get a look at the rear hub.  I beauty Chris King headset, anodized blue and nice Salsa stem.  The white chain turning the 46x15 rings.

Comments:  Another nice fixie with a color scheme appropriate for fall. 
-Thanks Adam.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cycling PSA

Bikes of Portland would like to remind you to be safe out there.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bike 1: Raleigh Competition

Margret was nice enough to allow me to interrupt her carbo-loading lunch and talk to me about her carbon fiber Raleigh.  She was getting ready for a ride on this beautiful afternoon.

Location: Monument Square

Bike: carbon fiber Raleigh Competition.

Comments: Shiamano 105 componets, that she plans to upgrade because she doesn't like em too much.  I think there were some sora or tiagra derailleurs, i didn't look too closely. (Hey this is the first post, cut me some slack. haha).  The black of the c.f. and the orange around the 'lugs' combined with the  retrograpics and label give it a good look.  

I asked how she liked riding a c.f. bike.

"Its stiff and it pops. But its light."
-Thank You Margret.

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