Monday, September 28, 2009

Bike 1: Raleigh Competition

Margret was nice enough to allow me to interrupt her carbo-loading lunch and talk to me about her carbon fiber Raleigh.  She was getting ready for a ride on this beautiful afternoon.

Location: Monument Square

Bike: carbon fiber Raleigh Competition.

Comments: Shiamano 105 componets, that she plans to upgrade because she doesn't like em too much.  I think there were some sora or tiagra derailleurs, i didn't look too closely. (Hey this is the first post, cut me some slack. haha).  The black of the c.f. and the orange around the 'lugs' combined with the  retrograpics and label give it a good look.  

I asked how she liked riding a c.f. bike.

"Its stiff and it pops. But its light."
-Thank You Margret.

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